Field Sites

Good field biology requires finding the best locations to conduct your research. Here are a few of the regions where we work.


Gamboa, Panama

With our collaborators at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), we work in Panama to study the golden-collared manakin.


Providence, Rhode Island

We're lucky enough to have plenty of natural habitat to use at home for our research involving woodpeckers and other local bird species. We therefore work in our own ‘backyard’ right here in Rhode Island, which is teaming with woodpeckers!


The Carretera Manu is a single-lane road running from Cusco, Peru (Elevation 3400m) all the way down to the Amazonian basin (<500m), making it easy to access a wide variety of species and habitats. We have field sites along multiple elevations that allow us to conduct a variety of work in manakins, woodpeckers, and frogs.