Research opportunities with the Fuxjager Lab

We are currently recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to join the research team, and will also consider taking on graduate students who are strong independent workers with a clear vision of their research goals. Additionally, we have some opportunities open for undergraduates interested in biological research with the lab. Follow the links below for more information about each opportunity.


Postdoctoral openings

We are currently recruiting postdoctoral researchers to join the lab. Do our research focuses align? Find more information by clicking below. 


prospective graduate students

The Fuxjager lab in the Biology Department at Wake Forest University is seeking applicants for graduate student positions (MS or PhD). The lab is broadly interested in the neural and hormonal basis of display evolution in animals, particularly motor displays that are performed through dance and gesture. As such, our work is highly integrative, and often combines field research across the Americas with physiology and genomics. 


Successful applicants are guaranteed funding through teaching assistantships (2 years MS, and 5 years PhD), but promising applicants are also eligible for funding through research assistantships. The Biology Department at Wake Forest is made of a diverse and vibrant research community, with specialties in the areas of organismal biology. The Fuxjager lab is uniquely positioned with both organismal biologists, as well as molecular biologists in the Medical School at WFU.


Interested applicants should contact the lab PI, Matt Fuxjager, directly by email ( Include a copy of your CV, as well as detailed statement (not to exceed one page) that specifically outlines the research questions you’d like to pursue for your graduate work.    


undergraduate research

Undergraduates are a core part of our lab's research program, and there are opportunities to gain both valuable skills and WFU Biology credit from working in our lab!