Research opportunities with the Fuxjager Lab

We recently moved to Brown University and are actively setting up shop. I am always interested in taking on postdocs and graduate students who are strong independent workers with a clear vision of their research goals. Additionally, we have opportunities open for undergraduates interested in biological research with the lab. Follow the links below for more information about each opportunity.


Postdoctoral trainees

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown is an excellent place to complete postdoctoral training, with a wealth of opportunities and resources at your disposal. I am always interested in speaking directly with individuals interested in pursuing postdoctoral work in my lab. If you feel that our research interests align, please feel free to contact me to discuss funding opportunities further.


prospective graduate students

I always accept applicants for graduate student positions in my lab (PhD only). Our group is broadly interested in the evolution of behavior, particularly as it related to socio-sexual interactions that free0living animals navigate in their complex environments. Our work is highly integrative, often combining field research across the Americas with studies of neurobiology, physiology, genomics, and macroevolution.  

Successful applicants are guaranteed funding through research assistantships (5 years PhD). The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown is made of a diverse and vibrant research community, with specialties in the areas of organismal biology. The opportunities for collaboration are endless.

Interested applicants should contact the lab PI, Matt Fuxjager, directly by email (matthew_fuxjager @ Include a copy of your CV, as well as detailed statement (not to exceed one page) that specifically outlines the research questions you’d like to pursue for your graduate work.    


undergraduate research

Undergraduates are a core part of our lab's research program, and there are opportunities to gain both valuable skills and credit from working in our lab!